My Favorite F words

My Favorite F words

January 20, 2016

I wish I could have my friend Donna next to me so she could be the one writing. But Donna is home, getting ready to go to work while I am sitting by my kitchen counter wearing unattractive pajamas BUT drinking my very seductive coffee.

Here is a short version of what I want to share with all of you. I left my full time job more than 8 month ago and it feels longer. I guess that when you decide to shift your gear from full time professional to full time stay at home mami your universe changes dramatically. My drama is a positive one.

How can drama be positive you may ask? Well we live a world were a little stress can be good, so why not a little drama, right? God blessed me with a very creative mind, problem solving is my thing. I can look at a problem and just analyze all of my different options, usually not math related. So in this creativity of mine, I have always stored all this wonderful ideas that I rarely executed. This time is different, I want to combine my favorite F words and make is a success. I want Family and Flowers to be my motivation to get out there and say, HERE WE ARE and WE ARE HERE TO STAY.

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