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Happy 2018 Fans and BE BOLD!

Flower Fanatic

What a JOY to start our year and have an opportunity to share the projects we have for 2018. To start, we are working on living a life with intention and to do so we need to look in deep and identify all of hose areas that can use some improvement. 

We live in an era that Social Media is used as our mirror to the world to see but we all know that is just a fraction or a blur of what really goes on. Well, my intention for 2018 is to allow myself to be vulnerable yet mindful that change and improvement is possible when we take action. 

I am taking action because I want to continue to grow personally and my business, knowing your strengths and how to overcome your limitation is key for success. Join me as I post some of my experiences and my intention is to captivate you to search in deep, take charge and change #BEBOLD



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