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Welcome 2017! The year to LOVE!!!

Flower Fanatic

Many of us take the time to think about how we want to start the year. For Flower Fanatic its more on how we would like the year to end. We are committed to providing a service that will spread joy, romance, fresh starts, second chances, I Do's and above all it will spread LOVE.

Don't we love ourselves? our family? our lover? our friend? I encourage you to think that by giving flowers you are not wasting your money, but helping create a moment. The moment that someone gets flowers (specially from us) is a moment that will last a lifetime. Besides our blooms have told me over and over again that some people are worth dying for.

So my dear Fans, if you are preparing your Big Day, celebrating Life or celebrating Love, Flower Fanatic is here you make your moment our moment.

Your Florist,




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