About us

Who We Are?

Flower Fanatic was started by Maria Alejandra Peralta a woman who is wearing different hats like most wives, mothers and professionals. Maria is taking an active role in practicing social responsibility as part of her business concept. Maria understands the challenges that people with certain backgrounds face when they look for employment and she is committed to making a difference.

Flower Fanatic will showcase their creations online and deliver to different areas of Miami-Dade County.

Our Clients
We are excited to offer our creations to anyone who is searching for any excuse to exercise their right to LOVE, love oneself, love their work space, love their home and show their love to someone special for a special occasion or as a random act. Also our client is mindful that if they purchase from Flower Fanatic, they are helping improve the lives of those that are involved in the process.

Our Product
Flower Fanatic offers a wide selection of fresh flowers that can be combined with organic elements of nature and handmade creations like Origami, boxes and trays made out of wood. We also include chocolates and other gifts for special occasions.

Part of what makes our creations special is that we include keepsakes that our customers will be able to enjoy. We purchase our flowers from local nurseries and businesses as we like to support our local economy.

What makes us different?
Being a flower shop in Miami is not unique but being an online flower shop whose owner wants to employ women who successfully have been able to recover from very traumatic situations sets us apart. Currently Flower Fanatic is interested in hiring women on a seasonal basis, however our long term goal would be to offer part-time and full-time opportunities.